Innovating Future from Past, for Today.

Diafire is blended from Diamond and Fire. It is a household design brand that has been forging for many years. Diafire is a brand created by the Dots Group. The new brand is born after years of the professional team’s preparation and brewing. It has Dots Group's accumulated rich experience in life product design and development over the past 25 years. 

We look forward to providing more possibilities for your life. We are committed to the design of daily necessities, with Nordic minimalist as the core, and designing human-oriented practical products.

We use modern materials to demonstrate the aesthetics of modern craftsmanship. Creating vivid life experiences for your ordinary life. 
We believe that through the design of Diafire, the ideal life experience can be promoted to more homes, so that everyone can enjoy a different experience, and then cherish every simple home life. 

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